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Discord Updates – Oct 14, 2022

[5:09 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Voting is closed! Being that I’m nearly out of time and I can’t think of anything better, I’m just going to select the Quarterfinal maps myself from those that haven’t appeared in a ToC before (tried to pick some relatively iconic ones!). The Finals map was selected to be the most left/right balanced map from the last mapstats, Phantom Train! Without further ado, here is the finalized TOC XIV schedule!:
:here: Seed 1 vs Seed 8 on 17) Underground Cemetary of Limberry Castle
:here: Seed 4 vs Seed 5 on 6) Gate of Riovanes Castle
:here: Seed 6 vs Seed 3 on 60) Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor :here: Seed 7 vs Seed 2 on 34) Cellar of Sand Mouse
:here: Winners of first two matches on 127) Arris Dome
:here: Winners of next two matches on 7) Riovanes Castle
:here: Winners of previous two matches on 124) Phantom Train
:here: ToC XIV winner vs Champion of Champions on 42) Warjilis Trade City

I hope for another great event and to see you all there tomorrow at noon!

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Discord Updates – Oct 13, 2022

[6:42 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Good morning, everyone – ToC XIV Map Voting is finally here! While the Quarterfinal and Finals maps will be determined likely tomorrow, we have the first match of maps to be community voted on open now for the Semi-Finals and CoC Defense Match! This time I asked the stream’s resident @Beastmaster s to supply the maps to be voted on for the Semi-Finals, while (as always) the @Champion of Champions selected the maps they wished to defend their title on.

Vote here! These polls will close 8:00 AM ET tomorrow morning!

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Discord Updates – Oct 6, 2022

[2:04 PM]TheKillerNacho: 

Several improvements to the !searchchamp command have been made:
:here: The “start:” search prefix is now inclusive (start: 1 now includes ID 1 rather than starting at 2), and no longer needs to be first.
:here: Added a “end:” search prefix. When used, Champ IDs exceeding this parameter will not be included. For example, “!search start:1|end:3” will return ID 1, 2, and 3.
:here: Added an “x[count]:” search prefix. Replace [count] with your desired integer, and only teams that contain at least that many instances of the substring will be returned. For example, “!search x2:the knight,” will return all teams that feature at least two Knights. Note that “x1:” is equivalent to not having a prefix at all.
:here: Added an “e[count]:” search prefix. Similar to the previous one, this only returns when a team contains exactly that many instances of the substring. For example, “!search e2:the knight,” will return all teams that feature exactly two Knights.
:here: Added “not:” search prefix. Functionally identical to “e0:”, this only returns teams that do not have any instances of the sub string. For example, “!search serpentarius|not:the serpentarius,” will return all teams that contain unit of the Serpentarius zodiac sign, except teams with the monster Serpentarius.
:here: Added “streak:” search prefix. When used, only returns teams of that particular streak. Previously this was not completely possible since streak begins a Champion string and thus trying to search for “1-time” champions would include results of “11-time” champions and “21-time” champions, etc. Now, using “!search streak:1” will only return teams with an actual streak of 1.
:here: Added “season:” search prefix. While not quite as bad, searching for season had issues similar to the above in that a space was required between the colon and your number, and you’d have to include “)” at the end, or you risked getting teams of a season starting with that digit (for instance, !search season:1 previously would return all teams of season1, 11, 12, etc). Now, using “!search season:1” will only return season 1 champion teams.
:here: Adding a comma to after the class name will now ensure you aren’t getting a user name (as Twitch usernames cannot have commas). Previously, this would work except for unit 4. For example, “!search the knight,” will now return knights without a chance of getting a champ team that contains someone named something like “imposter_the_knight”.
:here: When searching for a substring, it will add a “S:” before sex, “Z:” before zodiac sign, “B:” before brave values, and “F:” before faith values of all units. These will not be proper prefixes like the above ones, which means there will need to be no space between the colon and the value, but they should be compatible with the actual prefixes. For example, searching for “!search B:60” should return all teams with a unit with Brave 60. Meanwhile, searching “!search z:serpentarius|the serpentarius,” will get all teams that contain both the class and zodiac sign Serpentarius. Also, its possible to now search for male without searching for female due to this – for instance, using “!search e3:s:male” will return all teams with at exactly three male units. Phew! Give these a try and let me know if you think you discover a bug, thanks! (edited)


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Discord Updates – Oct 4, 2022

[8:11 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Minor adjustments:
:here:Fairy Harp and Lamia Harp no longer prevent Silence (Bloody Strings still does). Originally I gave all Harps this immunity to make up for making Sing unusable while Silenced (this was always a pet peeve of mine in vanilla), but in retrospect, Bards may be better if they can’t sing. :Kappa:
:here:Parasite can now add Innocent in addition to its other statuses.
:here: The damage of Midgar Swarm has been increased from (MA * 16) to (MA * 18).
:here:Snake Carrier now costs 1 MP (it previously cost none). (edited)


Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Sept 29, 2022

[2:01 PM]TheKillerNacho: 

More Tweaks to Limit… did the skillset really need yet-another Lifebreak clone?:

:here:Blade Beam (the 5 CT limit) is back to being a normal targeting move (at 3 Range), and now has a shiny new formula. Cowards, rejoice, for the time for the meek to inherit the Earth is now – its damage formula is now ((125 – Brave) * TargetBrave / 16). Its damage is unaffected by compatibility. See attached screenshot for damage estimates.
:here:Climhazzard (the 6 CT limit) has had its range further buffed to 4.

Beware – some of Ivalice’s monsters have evolved!:
:here:Goblin Punch has had its damage buffed from (MaxHP – CurrentHP) to ((MaxHP – CurrentHP) * 5 / 4). It is no longer a strictly-worse Ulmaguest!
:here: The smothering Tentacles of the Squid monster family are now even more engulfing! This attack now has a chance to inflict Stop on the target.
:here: When struck by a Wing Attack of a member of the Eye family, you may find yourself affected by their terrible curse. This attack now has a chance to cancel positive statuses on the target!
:here: The Pig family is really quite polarizing! While some hate the porcine race fiercely, others are so bewildered by them that they’re left speechless. Therefore, Straight Dash now has a chance to inflict Berserk or Silence randomly on the target!
:here: The thick Goo that secretes from the bodies of members of the Malboro family is now even stickier. Its hitrate is now (MA + 65)%, up from (MA + 60)%.

One final note:
:here: I have removed all references to “Caster” variables in infoability.txt (and thus the !ability command). For instance, previously the Lifebreak abilities made reference to “CasterMaxHP”, etc. This was dumb. In an ability formula, you can now assume that the stat listed is that of the caster. In the rare instances that refer to the target’s stat, the prefix remains – “TargetMaxHP”, for example. Let me know immediately if any bugs arise, as custom formula ASMs were added. (edited)Image

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Discord Updates – Sept 27, 2022

[5:07 AM]TheKillerNacho:

 A quick look at the standings for S14’s seasonal class quest, with a channel VIP up for grabs… GoldRogerX seems to have a commanding lead – but with 18 days left, there’s still time to catch up. (edited)ImageViripogchamp3

[11:56 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Let’s make Limit more distinctive so the AI won’t limit itself to the same few abilities most of the time…! Overall, I recognize Limit is already one of the best Blue Magics so these changes aren’t really aiming to make it better, but instead make each skill a bit more unique, especially the rarely used yet unique abilities in its skillset.
:here:Braver (the 3 CT limit) gets buffed significantly, gaining 1 AoE and increasing its damage from (MA * 12) to (MA * 16). This may seem like a major buff, but Braver kinda sucked before. The new Braver is essentially a weaker (but lower CT) version of the old Cross-Slash (see next bullet).
:here:Cross-Slash (the 4 CT limit) is now a x3 line attack (like Triple Breath) with 3 Range (vertical tolerance 1) instead of its previous range/AoE of 2 and 1. Now hits 9 squares instead of 5, but must be positioned more strategically. Its damage is unchanged, at (MA * 22).
:here:Blade Beam (the 5 CT limit) is now a 2 Range (vertical tolerance 3) line attack instead of its previous Range 2. Like Dragon breaths, both squares can be hit. This gives Blade Beam a unique niche among the “Lifebreak” abilities.
:here:Climhazzard (the 6 CT limit) had its range increased from 2 to 3. This was actually done in 9/15’s patch but I forgot to mention it… woops! Already, we saw Climhazzard used a bit more which is nice to see, as its the only ability that does what it does in the whole game.
:here:Finish Touch (the 7 CT limit), the favorite Limit of the AI, is the only Limit hit with a straight nerf. It gets its Range reduced from 3 to 2.
:here:Omnislash (the 11 CT limit) sees its AoE reduced from 2 to 1, but it gains a vertical AoE of 2, increasing its versatility on maps with mountainous tile heights. Its damage of (MA * 40) is unchanged.
:here:Meteorain (the 9 CT limit) and Cherry Blossom (the 15 CT limit) are unchanged. Minor additional changes in this patch:
:here:Charge+20‘s CT has been reduced from 20 to 16, but had its rarity increased slightly (remains in the “Rare” category, though).
:here: The name of Ramia Harp has been corrected to its intended name, Lamia Harp. Nothing about the item was changed mechanically. Obviously, any legacy units with “Ramia Harp” will be given a “Lamia Harp” instead.
:here: The spawns of Map 30 – Floor of Goland Colliery have been swapped. (edited)


Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Sept 15, 2022

[8:27 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Ability changes:
:here: Some abilities now have slightly reduced MP: Bio 1 (8 -> 7), Bio 2 (16 -> 14), Bio 3 (24 -> 21), Zombie (20 -> 19), Cure (6 -> 5), Frog (12 -> 11), Float (8 -> 3), Silence Song (16 -> 15), Poison (6 -> 4), Reraise (16 -> 14), Despair (13 -> 9), Despair 2 (26 -> 22), Flare 2 (25 -> 23), Demi 3 (30 -> 29), All-Ultima (33 -> 31), Grand Cross (35 -> 33).
:here: A few abilities have their MP increased slightly: Death (24 -> 25), Blind Rage (16 -> 18), Pray/Doubt Faith (6 -> 7), Melt/Tornado/Quake (15 -> 16), Stop (14 -> 16), Petrify (16 -> 17), Blind (4 -> 8), Moogle (14 -> 15).
:here: The accuracy of Bio Ranae was increased from Faith(MA + 110)% to Faith(MA + 111)%.
:here: The range of Quick has been increased from 5 to 6.
:here: The vertical range of Cat Kick was increased from 2 to 4.
:here: Blue Mages now have a slightly higher chance at netting Knight Swords from Equip Sword (25% -> 29%). This comes at the expense of regular Swords. (edited)


Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Sept 14, 2022

[8:38 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Another note for development people:
:here: Tournament dumps are now set up to archive automatically to the appropriate subdirectory in the archive folder just before a new tournament starts (as opposed to me doing it manually at inconsistent intervals). This means that henceforth there should only be one tournament directory in the root – the most recent one. This shouldn’t impact any applications unless your refresh rate is very high, since this archiving process doesn’t occur until tournament generation is complete (leaving around a 4 minute gap between the final winner.txt update and archiving). Let me know if there are any issues with this. (edited)


Discord Updates – Sept 8, 2022

[1:05 PM]TheKillerNacho: 

Note for development people:
:here: Added a meme.txt file in every tournament dump henceforth that contains tournament meme type (if a tournament has multiple, they’ll all be listed on their own line). if the file is empty, it’s a normal tournament. Sadly, I cannot retroactively update the dump for previous tournaments. Let me know if there are any questions. Meme types (list subject to change and a few are deprecated in the code):

clone_wars basic_training blue_mage_special meme_dream gob_gob halloween birb losers_advance april_fools wick missingno ff_battle toc* preshow* postshow other_meme
*followed by season number

Additional notes on these meme types:Ⓜ️3🇪3fftbgBadBreath2lydlbuNote1

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Sept 6, 2022

[7:26 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Tournament of Champions XIV announcement here – Season 14 will officially conclude on October 15th, 2022 at 1 PM ET! @⚡Virilikus⚡ will once again return, with @Jordache7k returning from previous ToCs as co-host! As usual, a pre-show (which will likely just be the previously announced midshow) will begin one hour prior, at noon. (edited)viriJAM5peepoBlanket2

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Aug 19, 2022

[6:35 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

8/19 update:
:here: Remember Hidden Skills now works differently. Rather than a flat 15% chance to relearn each skill per level, your chance is 5% and grows progressively for each level you gain after using it (accelerating rapidly after the 20th, being guaranteed on the 25th). I posted the exact details in the below screenshot, but this should cut down on singular Hidden Skill spam a bit and reduce the huge variability on how long it takes to relearn one (reducing both really long waits and really short ones).
:here: Move+3 is now an Uncommon skill, with all the associated penalties. @DustBird , if you could update your spreadsheet it would be appreciated!
:here: In addition to always rerolling a Skill Drop that appeared in the last 50 tournaments, those in the 51-100 range can also get rerolled at a descending chance.

[6:58 AM]DustBird: 

Updated. Be sure to add Move+3 into the Uncommon column of the Rarity tab in your own sheets, or clone the latest revision.fftbgCharm2

[9:18 AM]Nizaha (Lvl 209, 185/185, 7/6): 

Season 14 Midshow signups are now open over in preshow , go take a look if you’re interested! I’m only recruiting 4 captains this time around for reasons that will become obvious on midshow day, and further details will be revealed at a later date (including when midshow will be run).Viripogchamp3fftbgLevelUp2

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Aug 30, 2022

[1:48 PM]Nizaha (Lvl 209, 185/185, 7/6): 

Signups are now closed and captains have been chosen for our Season 14 Midshow! Introducing our S14 Midshow Captains:

Red: @lowlf – Skeleton Lord Green: @SebenSilhouette
Purple: @Lazlodamus

Captains will be recruiting 3 other players to build a team with. Teams will consist of one unit from each player on the team, including the captain, to give us a total of 4 units per team. There will be some restrictions for teambuilding which will be sent to the captains to avoid spoilers for the event.

Captains can approach whoever they’d like but if you’d like to throw your name in for consideration, head on over to the preshow channel and let them know you’re interested! Maybe show them a unit or two that you’ve got that you think they might like. If you have any questions about the midshow, feel free to ask over in the preshow channel as well. Thanks!Viripogchamp3

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Discord Updates – Aug 26, 2022

[9:43 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

I don’t know what’s with me and reviving old college projects but FFTBG was one of those too and yall like that, I guess. So, I’ll just note this here for those who may find this interesting… this is a “game”/simulator featuring entities that evolve/learn in between each game. Left some a readme/documentation therein explaining the game, and you can build entities from scratch too (click “Entity Builder”). If someone manages to build (or evolve) something really good, let me know. This will stay pinned in development , for now, and I’ll post there if I update it further (but this is the last I’ll post of this here). (source is included, but don’t expect it to be readable). (edited)

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Aug 8, 2022

[8:11 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Updated more bot responses. In general, more responses should be combined now & ping the sender. Let me know if anyone notices any bugs with any bot response, or if a command doesn’t seem to be combining or pinging the sender. Thanks. (edited)


Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 27, 2022

[6:45 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Minor 7/27 patch:
:here: Slightly increased the odds of Ultima on Squires (about +1%). The rate of it appearing as a secondary skill is unchanged (it now shares Magic Barrier’s rates).
:here: You may now add “k” and “m” as a suffix for bets to multiply the amount by 1,000 and 1,000,000 respectively. These should work with decimals (1.5k will wager 1,500G), alone (betting just “k” will wager 1,000G), and allbut (ab1.5k should wager your balance except 1,500G). They will not work with the other suffixes (% and f) or eachother.
:here: Added “rand” as a shortened alias of “random” for betting amounts. Additionally, they are now valid parameters for sex in !fight entries (not that there’s any reason to do this, anyway, as its the default).
:here: If you try to wager more than you have, the bot will now remind you of your balance in the error like it does if you lack the funds to buy a skill.
:here: Fixed some minor bugs and formatting errors. Let me know if any bugs are encountered. (edited)

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 16, 2022

[8:47 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

@everyone The Tournament of Champions XIII Preshow is set to kick off in around 15 minutes (following the current tournament), with the main event following that! Hope to see you all there! (This is the first time I’ve decided to ping everyone in the server for our end-of-season event. If you don’t wish to get pinged for ToC in the future but want to remain in this server, you can go into your Notification options for this server and enable the “suppress everyone and here” option) (edited)TwitchFFTBattleground – TwitchImagehypeE12PartyBlob16fftbgBleeding1bluemo37Love1PogU1BLELELE1

[10:21 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

TOC proper starting now!fftbgStonks1

[11:57 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Miss the TOCXIII action? Vods for the main event and the Pre-Show are available on Twitch (and the main event will be on Youtube in a couple days):

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 15, 2022

[10:05 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

All Maps for TOC XIII are now locked in, and I’ve order the Quarter-Finals maps by winrate to favor the higher seeds slightly, this time (decided to go with RWSG’s idea in suggestions moving forward). Thus, after a coin flip to determine which Semi-Finals map would be used where, here’s the matchups!
:here: Seed 1 vs Seed 8 on 70) Nelveska Temple
:here: Seed 4 vs Seed 5 on 110) VALKYRIES
:here: Seed 6 vs Seed 3 on 58) Underground Book Storage Second Floor
:here: Seed 7 vs Seed 2 on 15) Gate of Limberry Castle
:here: Winner of the first two matches on 32) Slums in Dorter
:here: Winner of the next two matches on 126) Enhasa Zeal City
:here: Winner of the previous two matches on 37) Ruins Outside Zaland :here: S13 Finalist vs Champion of Champions on 54) Lost Sacred Precincts

Hope everyone’s as excited as I am!!! Just a little under 23 hours away from the preceding Pre-Show!

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 22, 2022

[2:00 PM]TheKillerNacho: 

Some emote changes…
:here: New emote by request (Tier 1): :fftbgHide:
:here::fftbgDefenseMode: has been moved to BTTV emote.
:here: Swapped Mustadio emotes… :fftbgGift: is now in Tier 2, :fftbgHandsUp: is now a Bit emote.
:here: Shuffled some of the Bit tier emotes
:here: Gave :fftbgHelp: and :fftbgGiveUp: a new coat of paint, featuring unique characters that previously did not have emotes! (edited)fftbgHide17fftbgByblosDance3

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 14, 2022

[12:31 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

It’s time for Semi-Final map voting… and CoC Defense Match voting all in one (because I’m running out of time lol)! This time I asked app developers @OtherBrand and @q99m to submit their favorite maps for Semi-Final consideration, and as usual, the @Champion of Champions themselves chose five maps that they want to defend their title on! Vote here:

Voting will end 1:00 PM ET tomorrow!

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 13, 2022

[3:46 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

TOC XIII quarterfinal map selections (will be randomized in order later)…
110 – VALKYRIES (chosen by @Luxor )
58 – Underground Book Storage Second Floor (chosen by @HASTERIOUS THE VILLAIN )
70 – Nelveska Temple (chosen by @resjudicata )
15 – Gate of Limberry Castle (chosen by @Phi Sig )

Stay tuned for semifinal map selection at some point soon… (edited)

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 12, 2022

[10:41 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Got a boatload of Channel Points? Want to pick a map for TOC XIII? Excellent! A new Channel Point reward has been added for 1 million Channel Points to pick a map! First four people to do it pick. Must be a map that hasn’t appeared in a TOC previously (see Corpus’ list here: Arena and Checkerboard Land cannot be chosen.

Only the first four will be able to buy this, obviously. (edited)

[7:22 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Only one more map selection can be purchased. Last call. Sold out. You snooze, you lose. (edited)

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 9, 2022

[5:08 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Very long awaited request implemented finally:
:here: The bot will now output a message in chat automatically when a new track begins. I cannot guarantee this will work if a track changes between tournaments, or when I take the playlist down to add new songs. Let me know if you notice any bugs with this or if the bot seems less responsive (as I currently have the bot thread itself doing this). (edited)

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jun 25, 2022

[10:22 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Minor accessory changes no one asked for: :here: Power Wrist now halves Fire, not Holy. :here: Small Mantle now halves Holy, not Fire. (edited)

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jun 16, 2022

[9:14 PM] DustBird: 

Thanks to everyone who sent in applications! You’ll be updated soon. (edited)

[7:17 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Reminder: The Mid-Show is today at around 8:00 PM ET!

[5:11 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

The Mid-Show is here! Voted by the community, which of the most popular teams to ever randomly generate will be victorious?

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jun 14, 2022

[5:12 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Two BIG announcements, here!
:here: This season will have a mid-show event taking place next Thursday (the 23rd) night at 8:00 PM ET. The community voted to bring back eight popular teams for this one.
:here: TOC XIII finally has a date – July 16th, with its pre-show starting at Noon ET! Virilikus and a TBD commentator will be bringing the hype.

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jun 9, 2022

[11:53 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Okay, okay, I hear you – Dracolich Calcs are really, really bad and aren’t fun. They are no more! Details below…
:here: Dracolich Skill (Skeleton/Dragon) and Leech Skill (Ghost/Squid) have been removed.
:here: Two new combination Blue Magic types have been added: Crypt Skill (Ghost/Dragon) and Pirate Skill (Skeleton/Squid).
:here: Legacy units that had Dracolich Skill will now have Crypt Skill instead, while legacy units that had Leech Skill will instead have Pirate Skill.
:here: Unrelated to the above changes, I changed the name of Dragon Skill to Dinosaur Skill to avoid potential confusion that it only contains Dragon Skill. It was a bit of an oddball as it was the only Blue Magic types still sharing its name with a monster family, despite it being a combination of both Dragon and Hydra.

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jun 4, 2022

[11:02 AM] Nizaha (Lvl 106, 185/185, 7/6): 

Voting is now open for which teams the community would like to see in the midshow, so come check out the preshow channel pins if you’d like to vote! Voting will finish on 6/9.

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – May 27, 2022

[7:56 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

@Nizaha (Lvl 106, 185/185, 7/6) is running a midshow tournament that has a TBD date. But do check out the preshow channel for details. Thanks.fftbgByblosDance5fftbgLike3PogU3

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – May, 25 2022

[11:36 AM] TheKillerNacho:

 :here: Serpentarius is no longer immune to Regen.
:here: Cheer Up now has a chance to apply Transparent in addition to its other statuses.fftbgLike3snekonmoon5🪟1blank2

Discord Updates

Discord Updates – May 12, 2022

[8:48 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

:here: Zorlin Shape now has Blood Suck in addition to Sleep as a possible status proc (Random).fftbgLike6🦇2🧛‍♂️2AMvampysmug1fftbgNotLikeCat1🇸3🇺3🇨3↪️3