• Be sure to ask the bot for any commands before the tournament ends. The bot will not register commands during Intermission.
  • If you are at gil floor, suggest going !allin until you obtain enough for !skill or declaring your next !fight
  • If you do not have spendable gil, you can still !fight, just with no parameters.
  • Normal !fight has a chance to become a RaidBoss.
  • Don’t forget to !ally or !allegiance for faster exp!

Experience and Leveling

  • As you play, you will earn EXP for various tasks.
  • When you gain 100 EXP, you will Level Up, which will increase your spending floor by 4G, and (on first level and every three after) earn you a free random Skill!
  • This will allow you to progress even if you’re stuck in the salt mines.

There’s three main ways currently to earn EXP

  • If a unit that you generate wins a match, you earn 5 EXP by default. There’s a few EXP modifiers that can cause you to get more or less than this, see the list for bonuses and penalties below.
  • If you fail to get in with !fight (or you !dontfight), have no fear: you’ll earn EXP (1 for non-subs, 3 for subs) for each time your allied team wins, instead. So don’t forget to set your allegiance with the !allegiance command!
  • Each time you make a wager you’ll earn 1 EXP for each of the following bonuses that apply: if you win the wager; if your wager is at least half your balance (minimum 100G); if you put in your wager in the first 30 sec and don’t change (minimum 100G); if your wager is in the top 25% among all wagers.

EXP Bonuses & Penalties:

  • You’ll have an EXP penalty of up to -4 for using a skill you’ve used recently. Use !lastskills to see what your current skill penalties are.
  • You’ll earn an EXP bonus of up to +5 for entering as a human class based on your Class Bonus, which increases with the number of classes you’ve used consecutively without repeating (use !classbonus to see which classes you’ve used and what your bonus is). You’ll get this bonus with regular !fight too, but these will neither extend your streak or reset it.
  • You’ll have an additional +1 EXP bonus for using a regular !fight command, which stacks with your Class Bonus.
  • You’ll have a +2 EXP bonus by getting in with your current Skill Bonus, which can also be checked via !classbonus or !lastskills. This skill changes to a random skill that you own each time you get in, regardless of whether you used it or not.
  • All EXP gains (both fighting and betting) are doubled during the Championship match at the end of each tournament.
  • If your team (while in the fray or your allied team) loses in the first round, you’ll still earn half of your normal EXP reward as a consolation prize.
  • There’s no level cap (but you stop getting rewarded with Gil Floor and free skills at Level 100), meaning at Level 100, your spending floor will be 500G (600 for subs), and you will have earned 34 free skills. Leveling beyond Level 100 earns you a 100G discount of the !buyrandomskill command, instead.

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