A quick guide is now available for download by Wonser and can be found under the Resources menu! KWEH!

When to !fight

The bot now accepts lowercase and uppercase commands! For readability and troubleshooting, lower-case is preferred.

You will see the following screen when the FFTBG bot is now accepting the !fight command.

The bot will also output this message to chat.

How are the teams generated?

There’s custom code that randomizes units. At the beginning of the tournament, you will see each unit in detail. The general order of which being:

Zodiac Sign


Left Hand
Right Hand

Primary Abilities
Secondary Abilities

Certain abilities and items are rarer than others, with the most powerful items and skills being a rare sight(but still possible).

How to !fight

  • !fight {class} {sex} {skill} -{exclude}: Adds your name to a unit in the game!
  • !fight alone is free (use this if you are at Gil floor)
  • To declare skills, you must 1) own them 2) not have them on cooldown 3) have the spendable G for each parameter.
    • Costs 100G per optional parameter, letting you declare class, sex (must declare class), skill, and skill exclusion.
    • Monster classes cost 200G (500G if strong, 800G if elite).
  • !dontfight will enter you in the raffle for the current skill drop.

You can buy skills with the Gil earned after the pool is drawn for 1000G. Each tour features a different random skill.
Nacho may change skills at his discretion.

!fight classes

Here are the current classes available to !fight. 200g to declare a class, 200g to declare gender.

Squire Knight Archer Monk
Priest Wizard(images property
of Chemist Guild
for protection”).

Summoner Thief Mediator Oracle
Geomancer Lancer Samurai Ninja
Dancer Bard Mime Calculator

These monsters can be used only after you !buy during a tournament. 200g to declare unless noted!

Chocobo > BlackChocobo > Red Chocobo (800g)

Goblin > BlackGoblin > Gobbledeguck

Bomb > Grenade > Explosive

RedPanther > Coeurl > Vampire

PiscoDemon > Squidraken > Mindflayer

Ghoul > Ghost > Revenant

FloatingEye > Ahriman > Plague

Juravis > IronHawk > Cockatrice

Swine > Porky > WildBoar

Dryad > Trent > Taiju

Skeleton > Draugr > Reaper

Malboro > Ochu > GreatMalboro

BullDemon > Minotaur> Sehkret (500g)

Dragon (500g) > RedDragon (500g) > Blue Dragon (500g)

Wyvern > Hydra (500g) > Tiamat (800g)

Behemoth > KingBehemoth (500g) > DarkBehemoth (800g)

These Strong monsters need 500g to declare !fight:



These Elite classes need 800g to declare !fight:

UltimaDemon SteelGiant Byblos Serpentarius

!fight examples

!fight – Normal !fight or Random

!fight squire male – Squire Male

!fight knight bracer – Knight, random gender, with the accessory Bracer.

!fight monk -talkskill – Monk and exclude TalkSkill from random draw

!fight archer male move+3 -sing – Male Archer with Move+3 and exclude Sing skill

Note: you cannot exclude classes that are inherent to the job,
e.g. !fight Ninja -throw


Also Note: In order for people to !giftskill, you must be part of the raffle list, that means you have to already either !fight or !dontfight. Since !giftskill grants to a random user, it may take a few attempts before you get the gift~


On successful !fight, the bot will provide your priority in the left panel.

Things that affect your priority:

  • +20 if you’re a sub.
  • +40 if you used !fight and didn’t get in the previous tournament.
  • +10 if using normal !fight (aka, a completely random unit).
  • +5 if you exclude the “GilgameHeart” skill.
  • +5 if you attempt to use your current Skill Bonus.
  • -3 to -10 if you’re using a skill or monster you’ve used recently (use !lastskills to see effected skills).
  • -10 if you’re using an uncommon skill or strong monster.
  • -15 if you’re using a rare skill or elite monster.
  • -25% to -50% if you’ve gotten in at least once in the last three tournaments (-50% if you’ve gotten in within one of the last two, -25% if it was three tournaments ago).
  • You also get -1 priority when rolling on a team that doesn’t match your allegiance (-2 if that team is opposed to your color).
  • Rare (-15) skills: Any monster that is “elite”, DrawOut, DualWield, Doublehand, ShortCharge, Hamedo, GenjiGauntlet, Hidden Skills.
  • Uncommon (-10) skills: Any monster that is “strong”, EquipGun, ManaShield, AutoPotion, HPRestore, DamageSplit, AngelRing, FeatherMantle, VanishMantle, PreferredArms, GearedUp, HighlySkilled.

I got Rerolled?

The highest priority is 100.

Dave Strider @ 3/30 “basically during team creation, if it says “Rerolling yournamehere” then you got selected, it rolled a d100, and it rolled a number higher than your priority. so it puts you back into the pool, picks someone else, and continues until someone rolls under their priority”.

You didn’t get in

Don’t worry! Watch the current tournament and prepare to !fight again with a higher priority next tour you enter.

!snub will show how many times you have attempted to !fight, or will tell you what team you are if currently in the tournament.

I’m finally in!

If you declared !fight parameters and are in, your entry fee will be deducted from your spendable gil.


Will my team make it to TOC?

This seems to be the question everyone has and theories and conspiracies. Here’s RoastedPeas’s two gil:

  • Team synergy is golden and highly sought after. Especially with how skills and teams are generated each tour. You can argue this is what makes watching this version of FFT unique.
  • Maps play a big role to the team composition and can be their advantage or downfall
  • Status procs trump high-damage output: don’t underestimate a meme team.
  • !fight OFTEN, “It’s like lotto, you gotta be in it to win it” – Beastie Boys

It’s time to !bet, learn more here!

Experience and Leveling is continued on the tips page.

Extra information and Bot commands on the other page.