A quick guide is now available for download by Wonser and can be found under the Resources menu! KWEH!

Before a match

The bot now accepts lowercase and uppercase commands! For readability and troubleshooting, lower-case is preferred.

  • Check your FFTBG balance.
    • !bal or !balance
  • See the lineup. The players images will rotate and show their generated skills and equipment in the adjacent box:
  • Get your !bet in. In the Twitch chat, use the syntax
    !bet [wager] [team].
    • !bet 200 red
    • !bet 50% left
    • !bet 1000 random

Special Bet commands

  • !bet 200 p1 or p2 for Player 1 or Player 2
  • !bet 200 t1 or t2 for Team 1 or Team 2
  • !allin redCHECK YOUR !bal FIRST!
  • !allbut 10% red – Bet all BUT amount
  • !halfin – Similar to !allin, except it bets half, not all.
  • !allin delight– All IN WHITE DELIGHT
  • !allin fellows – ALL IN YELLOW FELLOWS
  • !bet 200 dream – Bet on GREEN DREAM!
  • !bet 200 town – Bet on BROWN TOWN!

Bet Floor

  • !betf red would bet your current floor amount.

Cancel bet and Timeout

  • You can re-adjusting your bet until the countdown is over.
  • If you bet too much or decided to retract it before the match starts.
    • !bet cancel
  • You have 50 seconds after each match to submit a bet, please add about 3-5 seconds for lag depending on how you are streaming FFTBG (desktop or mobile).

Q: Did my bet go through?

A: Check to see if your name is represented in the bet side. 

You can also type !bet again and the bot will tell you if you submitted one or not.

Battle Start!

After bets are closed the game will show the following screens:

  • Bot will start FFT and load the next matchup
  • Team Formation as reflected in game
  • Map Selection (predetermined)

Q: This match is taking too long!

A: You can say !match or !timeout to see the current time on the match:

Q: Who wins a Double Knockout?

A: Player 2 wins as it is hard-coded in the games match mechanics.

Q: What happens when a timeover occurs?

A: To compensate, Team 1 is given a default win if a “Time Over” occurs, which occurs if the match takes longer than approximately 20 minutes. Most normal matches won’t last nearly that long, and is put in place to prevent the improbable but possible situation of an infinite match (for example, the only units being left alive having Healing Staffs and no other ways to hurt eachother, or something).

One exception: the Champion team, despite always playing as Team 2, wins Time Overs as well. You have to defeat the champs without caveat to usurp the champs!

After a match

The bot will show the winning screen.

If this was the last match you will see the Tournament Summary

  • Current champion streak
  • Highest Riser – Person who won the most gil this tournament
  • Deepest Faller – Person who lost the most gil, this also includes purchasing !skills, !giftskill.


The bot will no longer accept commands as it prepares to load the next tournament.

NOTE: Any donations or bits sent will not go to their respective teams during this time. You can contact TKN and share a clip and he will manually add your contribution if you do this by mistake.

The time to submit !fight is soon. Continue to the !fight section.