Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Oct 14, 2022

[5:09 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Voting is closed! Being that I’m nearly out of time and I can’t think of anything better, I’m just going to select the Quarterfinal maps myself from those that haven’t appeared in a ToC before (tried to pick some relatively iconic ones!). The Finals map was selected to be the most left/right balanced map from the last mapstats, Phantom Train! Without further ado, here is the finalized TOC XIV schedule!:
:here: Seed 1 vs Seed 8 on 17) Underground Cemetary of Limberry Castle
:here: Seed 4 vs Seed 5 on 6) Gate of Riovanes Castle
:here: Seed 6 vs Seed 3 on 60) Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor :here: Seed 7 vs Seed 2 on 34) Cellar of Sand Mouse
:here: Winners of first two matches on 127) Arris Dome
:here: Winners of next two matches on 7) Riovanes Castle
:here: Winners of previous two matches on 124) Phantom Train
:here: ToC XIV winner vs Champion of Champions on 42) Warjilis Trade City

I hope for another great event and to see you all there tomorrow at noon!