Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Oct 6, 2022

[2:04 PM]TheKillerNacho: 

Several improvements to the !searchchamp command have been made:
:here: The “start:” search prefix is now inclusive (start: 1 now includes ID 1 rather than starting at 2), and no longer needs to be first.
:here: Added a “end:” search prefix. When used, Champ IDs exceeding this parameter will not be included. For example, “!search start:1|end:3” will return ID 1, 2, and 3.
:here: Added an “x[count]:” search prefix. Replace [count] with your desired integer, and only teams that contain at least that many instances of the substring will be returned. For example, “!search x2:the knight,” will return all teams that feature at least two Knights. Note that “x1:” is equivalent to not having a prefix at all.
:here: Added an “e[count]:” search prefix. Similar to the previous one, this only returns when a team contains exactly that many instances of the substring. For example, “!search e2:the knight,” will return all teams that feature exactly two Knights.
:here: Added “not:” search prefix. Functionally identical to “e0:”, this only returns teams that do not have any instances of the sub string. For example, “!search serpentarius|not:the serpentarius,” will return all teams that contain unit of the Serpentarius zodiac sign, except teams with the monster Serpentarius.
:here: Added “streak:” search prefix. When used, only returns teams of that particular streak. Previously this was not completely possible since streak begins a Champion string and thus trying to search for “1-time” champions would include results of “11-time” champions and “21-time” champions, etc. Now, using “!search streak:1” will only return teams with an actual streak of 1.
:here: Added “season:” search prefix. While not quite as bad, searching for season had issues similar to the above in that a space was required between the colon and your number, and you’d have to include “)” at the end, or you risked getting teams of a season starting with that digit (for instance, !search season:1 previously would return all teams of season1, 11, 12, etc). Now, using “!search season:1” will only return season 1 champion teams.
:here: Adding a comma to after the class name will now ensure you aren’t getting a user name (as Twitch usernames cannot have commas). Previously, this would work except for unit 4. For example, “!search the knight,” will now return knights without a chance of getting a champ team that contains someone named something like “imposter_the_knight”.
:here: When searching for a substring, it will add a “S:” before sex, “Z:” before zodiac sign, “B:” before brave values, and “F:” before faith values of all units. These will not be proper prefixes like the above ones, which means there will need to be no space between the colon and the value, but they should be compatible with the actual prefixes. For example, searching for “!search B:60” should return all teams with a unit with Brave 60. Meanwhile, searching “!search z:serpentarius|the serpentarius,” will get all teams that contain both the class and zodiac sign Serpentarius. Also, its possible to now search for male without searching for female due to this – for instance, using “!search e3:s:male” will return all teams with at exactly three male units. Phew! Give these a try and let me know if you think you discover a bug, thanks! (edited)