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Discord Updates – Sept 29, 2022

[2:01 PM]TheKillerNacho: 

More Tweaks to Limit… did the skillset really need yet-another Lifebreak clone?:

:here:Blade Beam (the 5 CT limit) is back to being a normal targeting move (at 3 Range), and now has a shiny new formula. Cowards, rejoice, for the time for the meek to inherit the Earth is now – its damage formula is now ((125 – Brave) * TargetBrave / 16). Its damage is unaffected by compatibility. See attached screenshot for damage estimates.
:here:Climhazzard (the 6 CT limit) has had its range further buffed to 4.

Beware – some of Ivalice’s monsters have evolved!:
:here:Goblin Punch has had its damage buffed from (MaxHP – CurrentHP) to ((MaxHP – CurrentHP) * 5 / 4). It is no longer a strictly-worse Ulmaguest!
:here: The smothering Tentacles of the Squid monster family are now even more engulfing! This attack now has a chance to inflict Stop on the target.
:here: When struck by a Wing Attack of a member of the Eye family, you may find yourself affected by their terrible curse. This attack now has a chance to cancel positive statuses on the target!
:here: The Pig family is really quite polarizing! While some hate the porcine race fiercely, others are so bewildered by them that they’re left speechless. Therefore, Straight Dash now has a chance to inflict Berserk or Silence randomly on the target!
:here: The thick Goo that secretes from the bodies of members of the Malboro family is now even stickier. Its hitrate is now (MA + 65)%, up from (MA + 60)%.

One final note:
:here: I have removed all references to “Caster” variables in infoability.txt (and thus the !ability command). For instance, previously the Lifebreak abilities made reference to “CasterMaxHP”, etc. This was dumb. In an ability formula, you can now assume that the stat listed is that of the caster. In the rare instances that refer to the target’s stat, the prefix remains – “TargetMaxHP”, for example. Let me know immediately if any bugs arise, as custom formula ASMs were added. (edited)Image