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Discord Updates – Sept 27, 2022

[5:07 AM]TheKillerNacho:

 A quick look at the standings for S14’s seasonal class quest, with a channel VIP up for grabs… GoldRogerX seems to have a commanding lead – but with 18 days left, there’s still time to catch up. (edited)ImageViripogchamp3

[11:56 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Let’s make Limit more distinctive so the AI won’t limit itself to the same few abilities most of the time…! Overall, I recognize Limit is already one of the best Blue Magics so these changes aren’t really aiming to make it better, but instead make each skill a bit more unique, especially the rarely used yet unique abilities in its skillset.
:here:Braver (the 3 CT limit) gets buffed significantly, gaining 1 AoE and increasing its damage from (MA * 12) to (MA * 16). This may seem like a major buff, but Braver kinda sucked before. The new Braver is essentially a weaker (but lower CT) version of the old Cross-Slash (see next bullet).
:here:Cross-Slash (the 4 CT limit) is now a x3 line attack (like Triple Breath) with 3 Range (vertical tolerance 1) instead of its previous range/AoE of 2 and 1. Now hits 9 squares instead of 5, but must be positioned more strategically. Its damage is unchanged, at (MA * 22).
:here:Blade Beam (the 5 CT limit) is now a 2 Range (vertical tolerance 3) line attack instead of its previous Range 2. Like Dragon breaths, both squares can be hit. This gives Blade Beam a unique niche among the “Lifebreak” abilities.
:here:Climhazzard (the 6 CT limit) had its range increased from 2 to 3. This was actually done in 9/15’s patch but I forgot to mention it… woops! Already, we saw Climhazzard used a bit more which is nice to see, as its the only ability that does what it does in the whole game.
:here:Finish Touch (the 7 CT limit), the favorite Limit of the AI, is the only Limit hit with a straight nerf. It gets its Range reduced from 3 to 2.
:here:Omnislash (the 11 CT limit) sees its AoE reduced from 2 to 1, but it gains a vertical AoE of 2, increasing its versatility on maps with mountainous tile heights. Its damage of (MA * 40) is unchanged.
:here:Meteorain (the 9 CT limit) and Cherry Blossom (the 15 CT limit) are unchanged. Minor additional changes in this patch:
:here:Charge+20‘s CT has been reduced from 20 to 16, but had its rarity increased slightly (remains in the “Rare” category, though).
:here: The name of Ramia Harp has been corrected to its intended name, Lamia Harp. Nothing about the item was changed mechanically. Obviously, any legacy units with “Ramia Harp” will be given a “Lamia Harp” instead.
:here: The spawns of Map 30 – Floor of Goland Colliery have been swapped. (edited)