Discord Updates – Sept 8, 2022

[1:05 PM]TheKillerNacho: 

Note for development people:
:here: Added a meme.txt file in every tournament dump henceforth that contains tournament meme type (if a tournament has multiple, they’ll all be listed on their own line). if the file is empty, it’s a normal tournament. Sadly, I cannot retroactively update the dump for previous tournaments. Let me know if there are any questions. Meme types (list subject to change and a few are deprecated in the code):

clone_wars basic_training blue_mage_special meme_dream gob_gob halloween birb losers_advance april_fools wick missingno ff_battle toc* preshow* postshow other_meme
*followed by season number

Additional notes on these meme types:Ⓜ️3🇪3fftbgBadBreath2lydlbuNote1