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Discord Updates – Aug 19, 2022

[6:35 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

8/19 update:
:here: Remember Hidden Skills now works differently. Rather than a flat 15% chance to relearn each skill per level, your chance is 5% and grows progressively for each level you gain after using it (accelerating rapidly after the 20th, being guaranteed on the 25th). I posted the exact details in the below screenshot, but this should cut down on singular Hidden Skill spam a bit and reduce the huge variability on how long it takes to relearn one (reducing both really long waits and really short ones).
:here: Move+3 is now an Uncommon skill, with all the associated penalties. @DustBird , if you could update your spreadsheet it would be appreciated!
:here: In addition to always rerolling a Skill Drop that appeared in the last 50 tournaments, those in the 51-100 range can also get rerolled at a descending chance.

[6:58 AM]DustBird: 

Updated. Be sure to add Move+3 into the Uncommon column of the Rarity tab in your own sheets, or clone the latest revision.fftbgCharm2

[9:18 AM]Nizaha (Lvl 209, 185/185, 7/6): 

Season 14 Midshow signups are now open over in preshow , go take a look if you’re interested! I’m only recruiting 4 captains this time around for reasons that will become obvious on midshow day, and further details will be revealed at a later date (including when midshow will be run).Viripogchamp3fftbgLevelUp2