Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Aug 30, 2022

[1:48 PM]Nizaha (Lvl 209, 185/185, 7/6): 

Signups are now closed and captains have been chosen for our Season 14 Midshow! Introducing our S14 Midshow Captains:

Red: @lowlf – Skeleton Lord Green: @SebenSilhouette
Purple: @Lazlodamus

Captains will be recruiting 3 other players to build a team with. Teams will consist of one unit from each player on the team, including the captain, to give us a total of 4 units per team. There will be some restrictions for teambuilding which will be sent to the captains to avoid spoilers for the event.

Captains can approach whoever they’d like but if you’d like to throw your name in for consideration, head on over to the preshow channel and let them know you’re interested! Maybe show them a unit or two that you’ve got that you think they might like. If you have any questions about the midshow, feel free to ask over in the preshow channel as well. Thanks!Viripogchamp3