Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 27, 2022

[6:45 AM]TheKillerNacho: 

Minor 7/27 patch:
:here: Slightly increased the odds of Ultima on Squires (about +1%). The rate of it appearing as a secondary skill is unchanged (it now shares Magic Barrier’s rates).
:here: You may now add “k” and “m” as a suffix for bets to multiply the amount by 1,000 and 1,000,000 respectively. These should work with decimals (1.5k will wager 1,500G), alone (betting just “k” will wager 1,000G), and allbut (ab1.5k should wager your balance except 1,500G). They will not work with the other suffixes (% and f) or eachother.
:here: Added “rand” as a shortened alias of “random” for betting amounts. Additionally, they are now valid parameters for sex in !fight entries (not that there’s any reason to do this, anyway, as its the default).
:here: If you try to wager more than you have, the bot will now remind you of your balance in the error like it does if you lack the funds to buy a skill.
:here: Fixed some minor bugs and formatting errors. Let me know if any bugs are encountered. (edited)