Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 22, 2022

[2:00 PM]TheKillerNacho: 

Some emote changes…
:here: New emote by request (Tier 1): :fftbgHide:
:here::fftbgDefenseMode: has been moved to BTTV emote.
:here: Swapped Mustadio emotes… :fftbgGift: is now in Tier 2, :fftbgHandsUp: is now a Bit emote.
:here: Shuffled some of the Bit tier emotes
:here: Gave :fftbgHelp: and :fftbgGiveUp: a new coat of paint, featuring unique characters that previously did not have emotes! (edited)fftbgHide17fftbgByblosDance3