Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 15, 2022

[10:05 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

All Maps for TOC XIII are now locked in, and I’ve order the Quarter-Finals maps by winrate to favor the higher seeds slightly, this time (decided to go with RWSG’s idea in suggestions moving forward). Thus, after a coin flip to determine which Semi-Finals map would be used where, here’s the matchups!
:here: Seed 1 vs Seed 8 on 70) Nelveska Temple
:here: Seed 4 vs Seed 5 on 110) VALKYRIES
:here: Seed 6 vs Seed 3 on 58) Underground Book Storage Second Floor
:here: Seed 7 vs Seed 2 on 15) Gate of Limberry Castle
:here: Winner of the first two matches on 32) Slums in Dorter
:here: Winner of the next two matches on 126) Enhasa Zeal City
:here: Winner of the previous two matches on 37) Ruins Outside Zaland :here: S13 Finalist vs Champion of Champions on 54) Lost Sacred Precincts

Hope everyone’s as excited as I am!!! Just a little under 23 hours away from the preceding Pre-Show!