Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jun 9, 2022

[11:53 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Okay, okay, I hear you – Dracolich Calcs are really, really bad and aren’t fun. They are no more! Details below…
:here: Dracolich Skill (Skeleton/Dragon) and Leech Skill (Ghost/Squid) have been removed.
:here: Two new combination Blue Magic types have been added: Crypt Skill (Ghost/Dragon) and Pirate Skill (Skeleton/Squid).
:here: Legacy units that had Dracolich Skill will now have Crypt Skill instead, while legacy units that had Leech Skill will instead have Pirate Skill.
:here: Unrelated to the above changes, I changed the name of Dragon Skill to Dinosaur Skill to avoid potential confusion that it only contains Dragon Skill. It was a bit of an oddball as it was the only Blue Magic types still sharing its name with a monster family, despite it being a combination of both Dragon and Hydra.