Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Apr 29, 2022

[6:08 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Minor item rebalances no one really asked for:
:here: Hydra Bag now additionally grants an immunity to Poison.
:here: Diamond Armlet now additionally grants an immunity to Oil.
:here: Rubber Costume now has Half Lightning instead of Cancel Lightning but gains an additional Slow immunity.
:here: Grand Helmet no longer grants immunity to Slow, instead granting Evil immunity.
:here: Swapped some immunities between Cachusha and Barette: Cachucha gains Stop and Charm immunities while Barette gains Slow and Don’t Move.
:here: Tweaked the MP values of some equipment… nothing major. (edited)fftbgByblosDance5👜1fftbgLike1