Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Apr 9, 2022

[8:59 AM] Nizaha (Lvl 39, 168/185, 7/6): 

This update has been a bit overdue but ToC XII preshow preparations are now underway! Preshow this time around will consist of a unit draft, made up of player submitted units; if you want to see the details on the specific rules, check out the pins in #preshow. You can ask any questions you’ve got there too. If you’re interested in submitting a unit yourself, check out the pinned rules in #unit-submissions! There are a few basic limitations for units that are being submitted so make sure you check the rules first. Here are your Captains for this season’s preshow:
Red – @lowlf – More Eyes!
Blue – @q99m
Green – @jonnycue
Yellow – @Oaty McGoaty
Black – @DavenIII
Purple – @Mira
Brown – @Sinnyil[haha]

Unit submissions will be open until the morning of 4/11, so get your units in!