Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Mar 11, 2022

[7:49 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

While originally the “War Funds” of the FFTBG save files were a neat Easter Egg making reference to FFT’s release date, I decided to change it to give it a functional purpose. Instead, it will now be the time that the tournament’s save was generated (hhmmss). This should help somewhat if you’re VOD-diving to find a specific tournament or something (originally I was going to put the tournament ID but there’s not enough characters). PLEASE NOTE: this timestamp refers to memory card generation time (in ET, my local time zone), so it will not update each match, and it will be a couple minutes after the listed time on… but it should still make finding things way easier and give you a way to crossreference what time something occured on the VOD video alone. (edited)Image🆒6fftbgBigBrain6⏰4🆗1👍1