Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Feb 15, 2022

[11:23 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Changes to progression…
:here: The Gil Floor bonus per ascension is being reduced from 100G to 50G.
:here: The Gil Floor bonus per level is being increased from 4G to 5G.
:here: The ToC Gil multiplier for subs is being reduced from x2 to x1.5.

This will effectively lower the Gil Floor cap from 1,200G to 1,000G (but increase it from 600G to 700G for unascended players). The overall goal of this is to make the gambling aspect of the stream more important and interesting, while also slightly lowering Gil inflation (hopefully). It should also make early ascensions easier while also making later ones not so much of a breeze.

I also refined Gil amount parsing, and added a new feature to it:

:here: You can now bet multitudes (or percentages of) your floor, by putting “floor” or “f” after the amount. For instance, “!bet 2f red” will put a bet for red for 2 times your floor, while “!bet 0.5floor blue” will put a bet in for half your floor for blue. Note that the shortcut command, !betf, is unchanged (!bet2f won’t work).
:here: Betting a percentage now allows for decimals. So you can bet 6.66% or 0.5% now, if you wanted.
:here: The “allbut” prefix now has “ab” as a keyword… For example, “!bet ab2f green” will put a bet of all of your Gil except two times your floor on green.
:here: To reduce errors, when parsing Gil, “allin” is now recognized as “all”, “halfin” is now recognized as “half”, and “f” and “betf” is now recognized as “floor”. Thus, “!bet allin yellow” will no longer produce an error.

Please let me know of any errors or issues with these changes in bug-reports.