Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Feb 6, 2022

[4:48 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Bummed out that you missed out on a chance to get a hard copy of the Monster Manual? Or not even try because you felt it was out of reach due to others getting a head start? Well, thanks to @q99m , I’m happy to announce a new contest to obtain one that everyone should have a shot at! I give you the… Seasonal Class Quest! You will now notice a season drop-down on q99m’s site:

Basically, whoever is at the top of the default leaderboard for Season 12 at the end of the season is the winner! That means that human classes do count, but there’s only twenty of them and fifty-five monsters, so you’ll need to heavily dip into the monster ranks to have a chance at winning! If there’s a tie at the season’s end, whoever reached that number first will win the tiebreaker. The winner will also secure a VIP if they aren’t already. Good luck!