Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jan 22, 2021

[9:00 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Tournament of Champions XI is coming up at 1 PM ET – but first, a preshow!

[10:03 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Tournament of Champions XI is live NOW! Who will get a shot at the Champion of Champions?

[5:29 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Okay I was feeling bummed out about having to kiss goodbye to so many good maps at the end of the last two seasons. So I contact the legendary goddess of FFHacktics, @Xifanie (Weretigress) , and she was able to expand the number of maps I can use on the ISO from 121 to 128. And she did it all today(!!!!!) What does this mean? It means ALL of the Maps are back, baby. If that wasn’t enough, we had one more slot to use and @ArmoredKori submitted a really great Phantom Train map that I was going to include in Season 13… but nope! You guys are getting that shit right now, instead (ArmoredKori is working on getting it to the wiki)! Additionally, Checkerboard Stairs is getting its technical 125 map number back. These are the new map numbers of everything:
0) End of Time
117) Checkerboard Land
118) Silas Swamp
119) Tchechene Bridge
120) Trebalt Tunnel
121) Prison
122) Floating Castle
123) Mako Reactor
124) Phantom Train
125) Checkerboard Stairs
126) Enhasa Zeal City
127) Arris Dome

Since this was a rather large hack and edit, please submit any bug-reports ASAP for… well, basically anything, but especially if something about a custom map (or even vanilla map) seems to have any issues whatsoever. Enjoy, everyone!love_anim9bichRainbow6fftbgHug4fftbgByblosDance3Viripogchamp5viriJAM2fftbgEyeSeeYou2👍1OOOO3