Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jan 11, 2022

[5:37 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

If anyone in development uses the archive folder of the dump, I’m adding subfolders to this directory to group by year. @q99m @MagicBottle @SirBraneDamuj @tiko (edited)💕2

[8:09 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

People were complaining that it didn’t do anything special so… :here: Iga Knife can now cast Dash on hit :pepelaugh: . First one to proc it leading to a miss in the off-hand (AND clipping it) will receive VIP. EDIT: I suppose a knockback causing death by fall damage is also acceptable. Also… :here: Asura Knife can now cast Demi on hit, but its 22% P-EV will be swapped with Bizen Boat’s 18%. Also I never mentioned this in updates apparently but this was some time ago: :here: Blow Fire nerfed from MA * 4 to MA * 3. (edited)fftbgBeheRage3