Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Dec 26, 2021

[2:19 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

As suggested in suggestions , the following change will be implemented next patch:
:here: Previously, HighlySkilled had no synergy with Blue Mages whatsoever. Now, when getting a Blue Mage while using the HighlySkilled skill, your chances at a “special” Blue Magic set (defined as either Bio, Limit, Lucavi Skill, Mighty Sword, Robosnake Skill, Byblos, or Demon Skill) is improved. This is accomplished via a 50% reroll each time a non-special set is selected (and this can reroll repeatedly).
:here: Conversely, if one obtains a Blue Mage when excluding HighlySkilled, the chances of rolling a special set is instead decreased via the same method.
:here: As HighlySkilled is included with Raid Bosses, Raid Bosses are affected as well (and units rolled excluding the RaidBoss hidden skill receive reduced special set odds).