Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Dec 19, 2021

[9:40 AM] DustBird (THE OVERLORD): 

With the applications confirmed and the preparations underway, I am excited to announce that the Preshow’s participants have been locked in! The theme is based around Laws and Patrons, not unlike FFTA. Each team is subject to both personal restrictions (and bonuses), while all must follow general guidelines and be subject to particular penalties. You can read up on them here:

Your captains are as follows:
Red Team: @DuraiPapers and @Inquire!
Blue Team: @Sinnyil[haha]!
Green Team: @LanseDM!
Yellow Team: @CorvusCaw!
White Team: @Firesheath and @I am the one who GOATs!
Purple Team: @Chuckorita (Beastmaster) and @P̵̃̈i̶͆͘s̴͋̎ć̸̛o̷̒͌ (miya)!
Brown Team: @ryagain and @D̴́̂e̸̊̅ȃ̶̉t̷̒͝h̸͋̃ ̴͊͝!

Any favorites based on captain alone? What about team theming? Looks like the current Meme Champs are gonna be having the grudge match of the century in Round 1! I hope you’re as excited as I am for January 22nd!