Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Dec 11, 2021

[5:26 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Less minor update: :here: Further reduced the chance of Level Jump7, Vertical Jump7, and even Level Jump6 and Vertical Jump6 slightly. :here: Dragon Rod no longer protects against Innocent or Silence (it still protects against Frog).PressF1fftbgChurch2fftbgHatTaking1fftbgLove1fftbgSadBirb1

DustBird (THE OVERLORD)Ascended crowd:

The period to apply for captain in the Preshow will close in a week. The night of Monday, December 13th will be when the submission form (pinned in ascended-lounge) closes.[6:37 AM] DustBird (THE OVERLORD): Reminder: 3 more days until submissions close for Preshow captain applications! Check the ascended-lounge’s pinned post by me for details!