Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Nov 23, 2021

[8:11 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Twitch gave all partners four additional Tier 1 emote slots. And I decided after much thinking to move some of the cooler Bit-reward emotes to sub access. Here are all the changes:
Now in Tier 1:
fftbgFarlem (previously Bit emote)
fftbgPrayRNG (previously Bit emote)
fftbgMETEOR (previously in Tier 2 but finally back where it belongs)
fftbgHatTaking (previously Tier 2)

Now in Tier 2:
:fftbgSsh: (previously Bit emote)
:fftbgLolrandu: (previously Bit emote)

Other Bit emotes have been moved to less expensive spots:

:fftbgKnockOut: is now the 1k bit emote
:fftbgDivideByZero: is now the 5k bit emote
:fftbgNightmare: is now the 10k bit emote
:fftbgChurch: is now the 25k bit emote
:fftbgByeSis: is now the 50k bit emote

Brand new emotes:

:fftbgGift: is the new 75k emote

:fftbgGiveUp: is the new 100k emote

:fftbgRumors: is the new 200k emote

:fftbgSnackrifice: is the new 300k emote

:fftbgBleeding: is a bonus emote added to BTTV!

Enjoy! (edited)viriJAM1Viripogchamp2