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Discord Updates – Nov 12, 2021

[9:26 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

This is a change I was hoping to avoid making but at the end of the day, I’m not sure there’s another way to solve this fundamental balancing issue… :here: ShortCharge now suffers from the same Faith penalty as MathSkill does, but only when applied to a Wizards & Summoners. I know some will :Kreygasm: at this change and some will :BabyRage: , but at the end of the day, Short Charge combined with these two classes have been, both in the short and long term, unjustifiably high win rate compared to any other force combination (excluding MathSkill itself, which is Hidden), both nearly 60%. The problem has been made worse by centralization the more people obtained Short Charge (over 39% of Summoners rolled in the last 150 days had Short Charge). The goal isn’t to make ShortCharge on Summoner or Wizard bad, as MathSkill isn’t a bad force either, but rather to nudge SC Wizard/Summoner rolls down to the level of other elite-level forces. This also doesn’t remove the possibility of a high Faith SC Wizard/Summoner when forcing ShortCharge, merely making this high roll more rare. I’m hoping to see a WR drop of roughly 2% (which would still put it higher WR than any other non-Hidden combination). This will also hopefully remove some centralization, as some may now feel like using it on Time Mages, Priests, Oracles, or even Knights is a more enticing use for the skill. I will re-evaluate this balancing change in around April 2022 to see if it had the desired effect, and tweak it if not. (edited)blobcatsweatsip2Viripogchamp3fftbgFarlem1🥲2magusM1OOOO1🇼3Menacing1

[10:18 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Also: :here: MathSkill’s Faith penalty no longer affects Oracles and Time Mages.☄️1fftbgLolrandu1⏲️3viriJAM1Viripogchamp3