Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Oct 19, 2021

[12:14 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Blue Magic update:
:here: Added eight new normal Blue Magic sets (another cycle of two monster families)
:here: Chances to get special Blue Mages should be unchanged (50%)
:here: Fixed what was apparently a bug with Foul Skill since its inception, in that it only had Pig abilties. It now correctly has both Pig abilities and Malboro abilities.

The new Blue skillsets are:
:here: Glutton Skill (Pig and Goblin)
:here: Familiar Skill (Cat and Eye)
:here: Leech Skill (Ghost and Squid)
:here: Cerberus Skill (Hydra and Minotaur)
:here: Vine Skill (Malboro and Tree)
:here: Missile Skill (Aevis and Bomb)
:here: Roc Skill (Behemoth and Chocobo)
:here: Dracolich Skill (Skeleton and Dragon)

As usual, please report any issues in bug-reports . Also…

New VIP challenge: First one who champs as one of these new types who isn’t a VIP gets one! Clip and send it to me via DM on Discord. Already turned in