Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Sep 25, 2021

[7:31 AM] Nizaha (Lvl 185, 185/185, 6/6): 

Preparations for ToCX preshow are now underway! Preshow this time around will consist of a unit draft, made up of player submitted units; if you want to see the details on the specific rules, check out the pins in preshow. You can ask any questions you’ve got there too. If you’re interested in submitting a unit yourself, check out the pinned rules in unit-submissions! Preshow captains were invited to ban 1 thing each for this season’s preshow, so make sure you check out the restrictions in the pin before submitting your units.

Here are your Captains for this season’s preshow:
@Inquire – Red
@CorvusCaw – Blue
@LanseDM – Green
@Luxor – Yellow
@lowlf – Skeleton War Advisor – White
@Firesheath – Black
@Jordache7k – Purple
@old grass smoker – Brown

Unit submissions will be open until 9/30, so get your units in!