Discord Updates – Jul 31, 2021

[8:57 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

One surprise I’m revealing right now… TOC9’s Skill Drop will change after the fourth match so there will actually be two Hiddens dropping! Remember to save some cash!

[9:05 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

TOC9 is just an hour away! But first, let’s help Luso decide his class in this fabulous pre-show! – TwitchFFTBattleground – Place your bets in chat!NEW

[10:07 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

The main event, TOC9, is starting after this special bonus match! What surprises have we in store?? – TwitchFFTBattleground – Tournament of Champions 9 Pre-Show!

[11:10 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Community Created Maps UNLOCKED!! Thanks to the amazing work of @Garmichael advancing the field of FFT map editing, it is now plausible to add custom maps to the stream! Therefore, for Season 9, three new maps have been added! :here: Map 118 is now Garmichael’s Mako Reactor map! The map that debuted to much Pogs in the TOC9 finals!! :here: Map 119 is now @Kokojo’s Trebalt Tunnel map! These maps haven’t been revealed yet, and won’t be until they are randomly chosen by the stream. Who will get to fight first in this new arena? :here: Map 0 is now ArmoredKori’s Prison map! Wonder when we’ll see it for the first time?! :here: Also a minor note that Checkerboard Stairs’ number has been reassigned to 120 instead of 125, removing the gap. I’m really so excited and happy to be bringing to everyone this change. It opens the doors to rotating community maps each season, or something of that nature (we’ll obviously see how it goes). Thank you to everyone making this possible and have fun! Obviously this is a major new version of the ISO, as well as the code, and while I tested all of the maps pretty extensively, bugs could crop up so please post any you find in #bug-reports !!Viripogchamp6fftbgByblosDance7fftbgLove5fftbgChip6💙3fishpog3August 8, 2021