Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 30, 2021

[10:15 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

One pre-TOC tweak that will affect TOC not at all but is rather a life vest to a monster that was really in need of help, the Floating Eye. Now the Floating Eye was never a top monster, but I did notice it was downtrending from what it was originally. The reason? Likely the Beam fix, which made the AI correctly see it as a stat-affecting move. This effectively made them prefer Beam due to its greater accuracy and range, despite Look of Fright being likely more useful. Thus…

:here: Swapped the accuracy of Beam and Look of Fright so Look of Fright is slightly more accurate than Beam. In testing this has the confirmed affect of making Floating Eyes prefer to Look of Fright over Beam, which should hopefully nudge them back upward into the acceptable range of monsters.