Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 29, 2021

[9:35 PM] dustbird (green…for now): 

The news you’ve all been waiting for… Preshow matchups!
:fftbgHere: The Better Opportunity Organization for Training Youths (Squires/Chemists) in Red will be facing Team Woodstock (Geomancers/Performers) in Blue on Map 55: Graveyard of Airships!
:fftbgHere: The Arms Dealers (Mediators/Theives) in Green will be facing the Clockwork Brigade (Time Mages/Knights) in Yellow on Map 22: Magic City Gariland!
:fftbgHere: Team Onmyoji (Wizards/Samurai) in White will be facing Heaven and Earth (Lancers/Monks) in Black on Map 24: Military Academy’s Auditorium!
:fftbgHere: The Yumi Shinobi (Archers/Ninja) in Purple will be facing the Angel Callers (Priests/Summoners) in Brown on Map 26: Weapon Storage of Yardow!
:fftbgHere: The winner of Red vs Blue will face the winner of Green vs Yellow on Map 76: Zeklaus Desert!
:fftbgHere: The winner of White vs Black will face the winner of Purple vs Brown on Map 16: Inside of Limberry Castle!
:fftbgHere: The finals will be held on Map 33: Hospital in Slums!
:fftbgHere: The grand finals against the current Meme Champs will be held on Map 43: Port of Warjilis!