Discord Updates

Discord Updates Jul 16, 2021

[6:16 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Some emote shuffling that I have no doubt people may complain about.
:here: Moved :fftbgDefenseMode: from Bit Tier Emote to Tier 1 Emote, where it can frollick with the other Monster emotes.
:here: Moved :fftbgMETEOR: from Tier 1 Emote to Tier 2 Emote. This was hard for me as it was the stream’s first emote, but it seems to be one of the rarely used T1 emotes statistically, and is a bit out of place.
:here: Moved :fftbgCutFace: from Tier 2 Emote to Tier 3 Emote, where it joins the other two “noble character” emotes.
:here: Moved :fftbgNightmare: from Tier 3 Emote to Bit Tier Emote, of which it takes over 75K bit tier (200K bit is now FightMe).(edited)

fftbgDefenseMode2fftbgFightMe1July 19, 2021