Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jul 7, 2021

[8:53 PM] dustbird (green…for now): 

Attention everyone: The Guilds Preshow has begun preproduction in earnest! 16 Captains pair up in battles of genuine Class Warfare, where each team represents the best of the best hand-in-hand to beat the best of the best! They are as follows, with the order of said teams will be randomized for the tourney itself (and names pending any changes by captains): -Representing Samurai and Wizards, it’s @coralreeferz and @dogsandcatsand! They’ll be flying the banner of Team Onmyoji! -Geomancers and the Performers of Bards and Dancers will be represented by @SevenSilhouette and @Zanbamon! Team Woodstock rocks the earth! -Mediators and Thieves work together under @run with stone GUNs and @ryagain! Team Silvertongues will have more than their share of silver bullets, I bet! -With @Sexy Drug Dealer Gwarth and @Rincewind in charge, you know Knights and Time Mages are in good hands! Expect the Clockwork Brigade to slay in the blink of an eye! -Fall victim to Team Heaven and Earth- @Lijarkh and @actual_JP bring Monks and Lancers to victory! -And Chemistry Class is back in session with @PiscoDemonRights (missMiyazaki) and @Death Taxes and Anime taking charge of the Chemist Guild and Squires! -The Angel Callers of Summoners and the Church will be helmed by the wicked @J2DaBibbles and @DavenIII! -And last, but certainly not in turn order, is the Yumi Shinobi, the team of Ninja and Archers led by @HASTERIOUS THE VILLAIN and @ruleof5! See you all on July 31st at noon!miyaRights3rensmirk2fftbgLevelUp2July 8, 2021

[5:51 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Behold, the final animated emote brought to the channel by @Wonser – fftbgLove! Join the Chemist Guild today! This is a “version 1” of the emote that I felt was good enough to release but Wonser will be touching it up a bit over the next couple days. So let me know any feedback you have in #suggestions(edited)