Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jun 17, 2021

[1:14 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Twitch introduced animated emotes today. Channels can have up to five, although I’ve added just one today… well, more like a conversion…
:here: That is, the old T3 emote, :fftbgFallOld: , is no more. It is now the first animated emote on the channel, :fftbgFall: !
:here: Filling the void, :fftbgNightmare: regains its spot as an official Twitch emote, in Tier 3. For now, anyway.

I’ll be looking to add four more in the coming days/weeks. Already had introductory talks with one member who was interested in doing them. But in the meantime, any #suggestions as to what these four might be is welcome! Specifically, I’m looking for ideas that don’t step on the toes of any existing emotes. A “Show Love”-type emote specifically is something I want, but I don’t have a great idea of what it would look like. Note, I would rather keep :fftbgMalbPet: available on BTTV / FrankerFaceZ for now.(edited)

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