Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jun 6, 2021

7:41 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Added the final 12 portraits I think were missing from FFT to the stream.
:here: Tradesman
:here: Unused
:here: Unused2
:here: Unique Squire
:here: Unique Squire2
:here: Unique Priest
:here: Unique Priest2
:here: Unique Knight
:here: Unique Mediator
:here: Unique Ninja
:here: Unique Monk
:here: Unique Thief
@OtherBrand I updated so you can update fftbview
@Chuckorita (3341 / 3526) add them to your postbin if you please.


[8:55 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

TOC9 map selection for the quarterfinals will feature a Trivia tournament entirely based on the FFTBG Monster Manual. Answers will be expected within 10 seconds so this is a warning to brush up on your shit. DocsFFTBG Monster Manual 1.8.2.pdf