Discord Updates

Discord Updates – May 20, 2021

[5:08 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

It seems the CoC defense match will be on 31) Dorter Trade City👍🏿2👍3

[9:20 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

The map selected have been randomized and I’m ready to unveil the full TOC8 schedule:
:here: Seed 1 vs Seed 8 on 76) Zeklaus Desert
:here: Seed 4 vs Seed 5 on 95) Church
:here: Seed 2 vs Seed 7 on 43) Port of Warjilis
:here: Seed 3 vs Seed 6 on 33) Hospital in Slums
:here: The winner of the first two games on 46) Cemetary of Heavenly Knight, Balbanes
:here: The winner of the next two games on 74) Sweegy Woods
:here: The winner of the previous two games on 35) Zaland Fort City
:here: The TOC8 winner versus the Champion of Champions on 31) Dorter Trade City Should be an exceptionally exciting Tournament of Champions this time around!

A reminder that the main event starts at Saturday May 22nd at 1 PM ET, with the special pre-show starting at noon. If you want to catch all of the action, you may want to plan to be able to view from Noon ET to around 3 PM ET! Hope to see you all there!