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Discord Updates – May 17, 2021

6:40 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Your selections have been randomized and I give you the quarterfinals maps (The order of these maps will be again randomized when the remaining maps are selected): 95) Church 76) Zeklaus Desert 33) Hospital in Slums 43) Port of Warjilis Stay tuned for more map-selection news coming in the next few days.fftbgBeheChamp4

[9:53 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Normally I ask two others to make the Semi-Finals map pool that is voted on, but I decided to do it all myself this season. Ahahaha! Actually, this was done to ensure that the final three maps have not appeared in a previous TOC! But first, I’ve decided where the TOC8 finals will be held, which is such a map, 35) Zaland Fort City, which also holds a perfectly-balanced 50/50 Right/Left winrate. The wall in the center of the map always creates tactical interactions as well. Now onto the two map selection polls… of all the maps never appearing in a TOC, I tried to pick maps that were both interesting. The first are maps that contain some water, to guarantee that water-based movement abilities have some use this TOC: 6) Gate of Riovanes Castle 15) Gate of Limberry Castle 64) Sluice of Bethla Garrison 71) Dolbodar Swamp 72) Fovoham Plains 74) Sweegy Woods Maps of the second pool each have a separate quirk that can help or hurt teams based on their movement abilities and other compositions… choose wisely! 46) Cemetary of Heavenly Knight, Balbanes 58) Underground Book Storage Second Floor 59) Underground Book Storage Third Floor 77) Lenalia Plateau 84) Bariaus Hill 91) Thieves Fort Vote for your favorite option on BOTH of these maps, here. Unlike quarterfinal selection, most votes wins! You have until the end of the day tomorrow to vote.: DocsTOC8 Semi-Finals Map SelectionfftbgBeheChamp3fftbgPrayRNG3fftbgBeheRage1May 19, 2021