Discord Updates

Discord Updates – May 2, 2021

[6:09 PM] Nizaha (Lvl 52, 153/185, 6/6): 

@everyone Preparations for ToC8 preshow are now underway! Preshow this time around will consist of a unit draft, made up of a combination of player submitted units and randomly generated NPC units; if you want to see the details on the specific rules, check out the pins in #preshow-talk. You can ask any questions you’ve got there too. If you’re interested in submitting a unit yourself, check out the pinned rules in #unit-submissions! Here are your Captains for this season’s preshow: @Mesmaster – Red @JoeManPrime – Blue @HASTERIOUS THE VILLAIN – Green @Sinnyil[haha] – Yellow @ryagain – White @helpimabug – Black @Reddwind – Purple @Rislyeu – Brown Unit submissions will be open until at least 5/8 (potentially longer depending on the exact date of the draft).(edited)😋2fftbgByblosDance4👍3

[6:15 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

I apologize for the use of tagging everyone. Won’t happen again. Cheers.