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Discord Updates – Apr 27, 2021

[12:35 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

If you were holding out on purchasing Merch to see all of your options, all currently planned merch is out now, with the addition of the final two items.
:here: Show off your Chaos Blade roll with a Geared Up Knight Raglan! :here: Recruit others to the proud Chemist Guild with this t-shirt!

Browse all merch here:

As I said, new merch should be few and far-between as a) I have limited space on Amazon Merch, and b) it would need to be created from scratch. That said, if you like one of the designs but want it on something else (The Gunja Clan on a t-shirt for example), let me know and I can release it as a Limited Time product (the current one is the FFTBG Logo Raglan!) Thanks for supporting the stream as always, my firends!(edited)

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