Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Apr 19, 2021

[8:49 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

I’ve been thinking about ways to help Mighty Sword calculators feel a bit more…mighty. And I have arrived on this experimental change:
:here: Mighty Sword skills from 4 range to 3 range.

“But NACHO! This is a nerf!” screams the angry denizens of FFTBG. Calm down, people! And wait for the other thing!

:here: Mighty Sword skills from 0 AoE to 1 AoE.
:here: Their vertical AoE is 1, with the exception of Icewolf Bite which was given 2 (although keep in mind this is

That’s right! Mighty Sword Blue Mages have a new niche of being the only class to be able to remove items from multiple foes at once! And it’s still instant speed… fftbgBigBrain