Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Apr 8, 2021

[7:02 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

More grammar things, and some minor revisions to the Wyvern and Hydra entries:

[8:42 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Flipped the tiers of these emotes: :here:fftbgThrow has been moved down to Tier 1. I feel like it has a niche unfound in Tier 1 emotes & did not feature a named character, putting it out of place in T2. :here::fftbgCutFace: has been moved up to Tier 2. While this is a great emote IMO and definitely isn’t exactly like others, the feeling of shock/surprise/pain/anger/excitement(?) is similar to fftbgNotLikeCat , fftbgPigLikeThis , fftbgBeheChamp , fftbgBirdUp , fftbgMurder . Also it fits better at T2 as a unique character, while it was weird in T1 since unlike Delita and Algus, Goltana was a pretty minor character.(edited)fftbgBirdUp2fftbgSongOfMyPeople3fftbgCutFace2fftbgShrug1fftbgThrow3April 9, 2021