Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Mar 31, 2021

[5:04 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Since the stream successfully collected the 1 million channel points requirement, I’ve been hard at work for the new April balance patch. As it is now midnight UTC, it will be going into effect at the start of the next tournament.

:here: This balance patch is a rework of the balance patch started last year but was rolled back due to bugs.

:here: This balance patch completely rebalances virtually every class, skill and most items. We’ve dealt with imbalance far too long here at FFTBG, and we are optimistic this will finally achieve the perfect balance we were striving for.

:here: Due to a rushed release, the lookup commands (!item, !ability, etc) have not been updated yet and still show the outdated information. I’m hoping to get these updated no longer than Friday, so be patient!

:here: For the first day of the patch, Season 8 will be suspended so that kinks can be worked out for this new balance patch. Thus, meme champs will step in as to not interrupt the season. Regular champs and TOC8 eligiblity will be restored when I’m confident there’s no bugs.

:here: Due to the above, you units will not be saved to doppelganger.

:here: You may still roll units as you see fit but bear in mind the balance updates may change things.

:here: I’ve been forced to restore Light mode on a permanent basis becuase Discord and Twitch were both threatening a DMCA C&D due to their copyright on Dark Mode.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this newest update to FFTBG!