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Discord Updates – Mar 10, 2021

[8:48 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

You voted, and decided, by slim margin, that the Semi-Finals this TOC will be played on 10) Igros Castle, and 85) Mandalia Plains! There’s only one more thing to determine… where the @Champion of Champions will get to defend their title. They themselves narrowed it down to five selections: 108) VOYAGE 21) Office of Zeltennia Castle 1) Gate of Igros Castle 23) Beoulve Estate 65) Granary of Bethla Garrison Where will they be forced to defend their title to the eventual challengers? It’s up for the community to decide! This vote closes tomorrow at Noon!!!:
Champion of Champions Defense Map? – Guest on StrawPoll
What’s your opinion?
Vote now:
108) VOYAGE,
21) Office of Zeltennia Castle,
1) Gate of Igros Castle,
23) Beoulve Estate,
65) Granary of Bethla Garrison