Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Mar 10, 2021

[6:38 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

The first slate of maps for TOC7 were selected by our @Hyper Prestiged elite. These maps will be randomized in order when the rest of the maps are known, but the first-round maps will be: 82) Bed Desert (selected by @NovaKnight21 ) 22) Magic City Gariland (selected by @Shalloween ) 24) Military Academy Auditorium (selected by @Death Taxes and Anime) 5) Roof of Riovanes Castle (selected by @Etrius [E_Ballard] ) And to keep the ball moving… next tournament, the Highest Riser and Deepest Faller will be selecting the maps to be voted on for the Semi-Finals!(edited)

[8:01 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

And just like that, Semi-Final map voting is here! Chosen by letting those in the stream duke it out for Highest Riser and Deepest Faller, @Zanbamon and @Murrjo received the honor of compiling a list of maps for the community to vote from. Zanbamon’s selections: 112) TIGER 43) Port of Warjilis 10) Igros Castle 76) Zeklaus Desert 54) Lost Sacred Precincts Murrjo’s selections: 32) Slums in Dorter 39) Underground Passage in Goland 57) Underground Book Storage First Floor 85) Mandalia Plains 27) Goland Coal City Voting will end this time tomorrow! Here are the links!! (remember to vote in both!): Map (Poll 1/2, Zanbamon selections) – Guest on StrawPollWhat’s your opinion? Vote now: 112) TIGER, 43) Port of Warjilis, 10) Igros Castle, 76) Zeklaus Desert, 54) Lost Sacred PrecinctsStrawPollSemi-final Map (Poll 1/2, Murrjo selections) – Guest on StrawPollWhat’s your opinion? Vote now: 32) Slums in Dorter, 39) Underground Passage in Goland, 57) Underground Book Storage First Floor, 85) Mandalia Plains, 27) Goland Coal City☑️3

[8:20 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

By the way, there’s only one map in the history of FFTBG at present with a 50.00000% win percentage between the left and right side. Thus, the finals map for TOC7 will be: 29) Slope of Goland Colliery