Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Feb 12, 2021

[6:07 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Cleared some new VIP slots. So just a reminder on current VIP challenges, plus a couple new ones! To collect, merely tag me on this Discord with a clip of you achieving the feat. 1. Attempt to use Lava Ball on an ally (to heal them, break confuse/sleep, etc) but kill them instead! Both players earn VIP for this. Using Lava Ball on an ally because you were confused or charmed does NOT count. 2. Hit someone with a Mace of Zeus with it procing Lifebreak. New ones: 3. Successfully use Moldball Virus to turn an enemy into a Malboro. 4. Hit someone with Bizen Boat, enraging your target due to the Berserk proc! 5. Hit for 999 damage. 6. Be the first to become champion as a Malboro, Floating Eye, Squidraken, or Dryad this season. For the new bounties, new clips only! As in, those occurring after 2/12 at 9 AM ET!(edited)fftbgBadBreath6

[10:10 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Made three map spawn changes based on map data, to favor left slightly: :here: Flipped the spawns on 115 – Banished Fort :here: Flipped the spawns on 91 – Thieves Fort :here: Moved Team 1’s spawn one space closer to the stairs on 67 – North Wall of Bethla Garrison :here: Moved Team 1’s unit that starts on the bridge to the east of the others, instead on 38 – Goug Machine City :here: Units can not move on these weird boxes … additionally, they are considered Machine tiles (Lava Ball) on 26 – Weapon Storage of Yardow(edited)thonk3🗺️1February 13, 2021