Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jan 7, 2021

[5:55 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

After a close race, the map that the community will have the @Champion of Champions to defend their reign on is 53) Entrance to Death City! With that we now know the full lineup of maps for TOC6, and thus, I have randomized the order of maps in the 1st and 2nd rounds and we have TOC6’s full schedule!
:here: Seed 1 vs Seed 8 on Map 3) Hall of St. Murond Temple
:here: Seed 4 vs Seed 5 on Map 63) Golgorand Execution Site
:here: Seed 2 vs Seed 7 on Map 96) Pub
:here: Seed 3 vs Seed 6 on Map 33) Hospital in Slums
:here: Winner of first two matches on 78) Zigolis Swamp
:here: Winner of second two matches on 24) Military Academy Auditorium :here: Winner of the semi-finals on 88) Finath River
:here: Winner of TOC6 vs CoC on 53) Entrance to Death City
BONUS: CoC vs the Robotic Overlords on 70) Nelveska Temple … Highly likely this match will not have Gil betting, but will feature CHANNEL POINT betting! Don’t forget that there’s also a Pre-Show starting one hour prior (11 AM ET). Overall, this ought to be the best Tournament of Champions ever! Hope to see you all there!