Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Jan 5, 2021

[6:15 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

The bomb challenge was completed last night, by the way. In the process of getting the maps from the victors.

[10:31 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

While Semi-Final map voting is still underway (closes tonight at 7 PM ET), we now have our first round maps, from our Bomb challenge team. One of their members, @resjudicata chose to defer so I gave the honor to a Bomb I saw currently in a tournament so the lucky replacement was @ShintaroNayaka ! Without further explanation… their picks (note, the order of these will be randomized when all map selection is complete).: 3 – Hall of St. Murond Temple ( @DLJuggernaut ) 96 – Pub ( @ShintaroNayaka) 63 – Golgorand Execution Site ( opHendoslice ) 33 – Hospital in Slums ( @Willjin ) It’s certainly a diverse map pool for the tournament! To add to that I’m proud to announce the map the Finals will take place on (not to be confused the Grand Finals, which the current CoCs are debating): 88 – Finath River (aka, Finals-ath River!)(edited)HyperPingNom1🥃3🏊‍♂️1YEEEEE1fftbgSongOfMyPeople1

[2:50 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

With solid leads, I’m calling it for TOC6’s Semi-Final map voting… the two Semi-Finals in TOC6 will take place on the following maps (like the round 1 maps, which will appear in which bracket is pending randomization): 78 – Zigolis Swamp 24 – Military Academy Auditorium With these two selections complete, only one matter remains – selecting which map the current @Champion of Champions will defend their title! The only member of the team that seemed interested in discussing maps, @Galkife has narrowed the number of maps he’d like to see the title defended on to six and thus, we open up the final map voting of TOC6…! Voting will close around this time tomorrow! PollTOC6 CoC Defense Match Map?Vote Now!
[10) Igros Castle]
[108) VOYAGE]
[20) Zeltennia Castle]
[1) Gate of Igros Castle]
[53) Entrance to Death City]
[43) Port of Warjilis]