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Discord Updates – Jan 4, 2021

[7:06 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

I’m a bit busy this week to be able to host a map selection minigame for this upcoming TOC6 like I did in the previous two… so how about this: In celebration of the new year, let’s make some Fireworks! First person to Champ with a member of the Bomb family (Bomb, Grenade, Explosive) and their three compatriots will earn the right to select a map for the Quarterfinals of TOC6! Get out there and make some fireworks if you want this honor! :fftbgFightMe:fftbgTNTfftbgOwnTerms(edited)fftbgPigLikeThis3fftbgFightMe7fftbgOwnTerms5fftbgTNT3

[4:39 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

TOC6 Semi-finals map voting time! You guys know the drill by now. This season, I decided to ask @Nizaha (Lvl 26, 88/185, 5/6) for two players to do the honor of the maps put to the vote based on which two players he thought were MVP of the minigames. Aka, the players who contributed the most towards Bingo and other minigames. And those two players were determined to be @Final and @CorvusCaw ! The winning maps of both of these polls will be used as the semi-finals match for TOC6, so vote wisely!

These polls will close at around this time tomorrow. Don’t forget to vote on both! PollSemi-finals match (Poll 1 of 2, Final picks)Vote Now! [107) NOGIAS]
[66) South Wall of Bethla Garrison]
[58) Underground Book Storage Second Floor]
[52) Chapel of St. Murond Temple]
[78) Zigolis Swamp]

Straw PollSemi-finals match (Poll 2 of 2, CorvusCaw picks)Vote Now!
[62) Chapel of Orbonne Monastery]
[101) Tutorial]
[125) Checkerboard Stairs]
[48) Slums in Zarghidas]
[90) Germinas Peak]January 5, 2021