Discord Update – Dec 30, 2020

[8:01 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

I’m patching the ISO with what will hopefully be a fix for a minor bug discovered with the ASM that prevents Reraise/Undead revival after the last unit on a team is defeated (see for details on this).

The bug with the original ASM was that a Charmed unit counts as the opposing team for this purpose, as documented in these clips: and

While the creator of the ASM is unable to help at this time, doing a bit of digging myself made me discover that the ENTD records that store which unit a team is on is stored in two different places, and that most checks for what team a unit is actually on is using the other set of ENTD records than the one he was using. So I did a patch to change it to the other ENTD records. Through testing, it APPEARS as if this is working as I intended – units still do not reraise or revive as undead if no living allies remain, including any possible enemy charmed unit.

Still, I’m paranoid. So PLEASE keep a close eye and report immediate if you notice anything of the following:
:here: A unit reraising/undead reviving after their team is eliminated
:here: A unit NOT reraising/undead reviving when you believe it should be able to
:here: ANYTHING AT ALL ODD with Reraise, Undead, Crystalization, Death Sentence, Death Countdown. If something happens that you didn’t expect, LET ME KNOW.
:here: If a match doesn’t properly end even though it should.
:here: A match ending even though it shouldn’t